Big Farmer Australia - Sell Home Grown Cannabis & Hemp Online

About Big Farmer

Big Farmer is a platform that lets home Cannabis Growers Sell their produce online direct to consumer. In some ways Big Farmer is designed to give the little guy who traditionally sold herbs on the street a digital outlet and allow them to continue growing and trading.

Why are we building Big Farmer:
– To expedite the progress of Australia’s Cannabis industry and position it as efficient and competitive.
– To provide an additional level of commercial security to Australian families by providing them an additional source of potential income.
– To return rights granted to us by the bible to all beings.
– To Maximise the cultivation space available in our lands by utilising home cultivation, therefore minimising the impacts on natural environments.
– To Permanently destroy the concept of Cannabis Prohibition buy making it completely unfeasible to administer.
– To Build communities and of trust and cooperation between Australian growers that are seperate from stifling corporate and government red tape.