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Big Farmer Prohibits BHO Sales – Adds Saleable Items List

Big Farmer Prohibits BHO Sales – Adds Saleable Items List
October 9, 2019 Big Farmer

When we have Big Farmers submit products we manually approve them. For this process we want to provide users a list
of pre determined products that can and can not be sold on big farmer.

For your convenience you can read the list Here – Saleable Items List

Why we are prohibiting BHO – because it is a fairly crude home made extraction that has the potential to leave Butane residues. If we are aware of reliable extraction operators in the future we may review this as a default guidance to product submission.

More Soon from Big Farmer Australia

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  1. chrismcatomney 1 year ago

    Hi guys. I couldn’t find a contact or support link so I’m commenting instead. Could you look at adding a filter to the shop section to easily find products grown outdoors and or organically grown products? I realise there’s probably very little outdoor product available currently in Aus, but in the future it’d be nice to be able to search for it specifically, for those who prefer it over indoor. Same goes for organic flower. Cheers!

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