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Big Farmer to Offer Free Branding Support to Vendors

Big Farmer to Offer Free Branding Support to Vendors
October 22, 2019 Big Farmer

One of Big Farmers Missions is to Cultivate the Cultivation Industry in Australia 🙂

So we are very much leaning into to a behaviour or a sub culture that is quietly hidden in Australia and saying “Come out and be known – Come out and Show yourself”.

We have already expressed that Stoner Culture is not what we are aiming for. So as Growers Register and Express interest in Selling on Big Farmer – We We Will be offering support to get them through the setup process. Part of this support will be free ideas – feedback and consultation on Branding. This will include general guidance and as well in some cases hands on production of Banners and Logos.

We just want to go that little bit further to make sure our vendors look professional. If you would like a little extra support when getting setup on Big Farmer – First Register then grab us by email or Online Chat – We will do our best to help.

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