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See some frequently asked questions about Big Farmer here:

Q: Why are you building Big Farmer Australia.
A: Digital has radically changed business models across all industries. Yet due to oppressive forces and red tape in Australia + the forces of corporatisation of technology, we are yes to realise the potential of new business models and power being returned to and distributed equally amongst the people. Big Farmer will focus on the establishment of new models in Australia specifically in the Area of Cannabis whilst hoping that other agricultural and commercial markets follow our lead.

Q: What is the Purpose of Big Farmer Australia?
A: To Secure a segment of the Cannabis industry for those who have always fought for it and suffered decades of oppression. Every day people who grow herbs at home for health and healing.

Q: What commission does Big Farmer take per sale?
A: 3.3% against all sales.

Q: Where can I see the money from my Big Farmer Sales?
A: Go to your account page and click on the Wallet Link.

Q: Who are the Filth?
A: The Police.

Q: What do I do if I have problems with the Filth?
A: If all you are doing is growing Cannabis in your Home or Apartment, Filth can’t do much. If they harass you don’t say anything and don’t sign anything. If you experience aggression from police get online and share your story with your friends on some of the Major Platforms.

Q: Don’t you like the Filth?
A: We campaigned for Cannabis Reform for years peacefully and progressively. After a while it became apparent that the forces behind the police were ignorant, violent and corrupt. It became apparent that they had no intention of changing and had no good will toward our wellbeing or our lives. When someone is working to establish systems designed to take your life, it is time to stop showing regard for them. We don’t like the Filth.

Q: I am the Filth. Can I sell on Big Farmer.
A: No.

Q: What can I sell on Big Farmer?
A: Cannabis Flowers, Cannabis Plant Matter, Cannabis Plant Products, Home Made Edibles, Cannabis Products such as creams, oils etc. Any creation that is created in part with cannabis here can be sold. If you list the details of what you are making we will give feedback during the approval review.

Q: What is Arbitration?
A: Arbitration is a process that takes place on Big Farmer if there is a dispute between buyer and seller. Our Arbitration process is driven by web video. If you want to succeed in a case of arbitration then be prepared to upload a video and make your claim or response compelling.

Q: Will I win my Arbitration case if their is a dispute?
A: The Big Farmer Arbitration process is designed to be fair. We don’t favour buyer or seller. Who ever presents the most compelling case via video will be favoured. It is of course also possible that the arbitration will be amicable and both parties will be happy with the outcome.

Q: How often will there be Arbitration or Intervention in my sales.
A: In the case of online sales, the vast majority of sales and trades are smooth. Maybe aprox 5% or lower will result in some type of dispute.

Q: As a seller how can I boost my chance of success during Arbitration?
A: Big Farmer allows you to upload pre shipment notes, photos and testing data. Doing this prior to shipment will support you case if there is a claim against your sale. Once you have a record of reliable shipments your cases will be more strongly supported during arbitration.

Q: What is Escrow?
A: Escrow is a holding account that the buyers payment goes into. The standard escrow term for Big Farmer is 10 Days.

Q: Why do you hold my payments in a 10 Day Escrow?
A: It gives the buyer a greater feeling of security and increases the chance of sales.

Q: How are the escrow dates calculated?
A: 10 Days from the posting of seller shipment tracking.

Q: If there is a claim against my shipment will my Escrow funds be frozen?
A: Our escrow process is designed to support sellers. It is not an opportunity for buyers to escape payment. The risk of loosing payment in escrow is minimal and the first step in the event of a customer claim is Arbitration via Video upload.

Q: Can I sell Gnarly Drugs like Coke and Ice and Speed on Big Farmer?
A: No. All products uploaded to Big Farmer are manually approved. At Big Farmer we don’t consider Cannabis a Drug, we consider it an essential natural herb. Drugs of any type are not permitted on this site.

Q: I have spotted funny occult symbolism on one of your Growers Pages. Are you going to block them.
A: Probably not, there is funny occult symbolism everywhere in Cannabis. Our Goal is to engage with the industry
as a whole and sort the flowers from the stems long term. If there is funny business with their service or their product quality then they may be banned.

Q: What about product Quality and testing?
A: We endeavour to build an ecosystem of trust and responsibility. Big Farmer will
– Accept Grower Scientific Data Submission.
– Accept Buyer testing and data feedback and input
– Allow seller reputation and data feedback to paint a picture of Quality.
– Retail and recommend consumer and grower grade testing products.
We believe the best way to deal with Cannabis Quality is in-market. Not in dull Government board rooms, for the sake of multinational Corporations. We believe that given that Australia is moving from an environment where Cannabis has been traded on streets and between residential buildings, with technology, a digital toolkit and market forces we will be better placed to improve product Quality.

Q: Why Can I Trade without identifying myself?
A: Cannabis sellers are under attack all over the world. We believe in safety and security both of buyers and the general public as a whole. By allowing growers to conceal their identity we reduce their risk of harassment. We will endeavour to manage security through means other than taking sellers names.

Q: I Sell Cannabis online and my products are on Big Farmer, yet I did not register. Why?
A: As a Sovereign enterprise Big Farmer reserve the right to index and present Cannabis available online for consumer reference and convenience and in order for us to build a body of market data.

Q: Do big Farmer collect Taxes for the Australia Government?
A: No. Big Farmer do not collect Taxes. If your activities between Big Farmer and your other commercial activities reach a taxable level you should manage your tax affairs with the relevant bodies independently.

Q: I have a criminal record – Can I use big farmer?
A: We believe in giving people a second chance and if you have a record and have served your time you can use big farmer – again if you are not involved in behaviour that is damaging to society. If your record is for something bent… Hey Dad Father bent. No you can not use big farmer. If we ever find information about accounts using big farmer involved in criminal activity we will block them.