Big Farmer Australia - Sell Home Grown Cannabis & Hemp Online

Saleable Items

Please see our list of Saleable items and Prohibited Items. To get an idea of the purpose of, it is to facilitate the trade of Hemp Cannabis in Australia. This primarily pertains to plant matter and products that can be produced from plant matter.

Prohibited Items:
Cannabis Paraphernalia – Big Farmer at this point is not for items like smoking aids etc. It is for plant matter. If you make or trade smoking items we will not allow them on Big Farmer. This is subject to future review.
Butane Hash Oil (BHO) – BHO is a home style method of cannabis extraction that unfortunately has the potential to leave residues in the final product. We will Review our

Allowed Items:
– Cannabis
– Hemp
– Cannabis Plants
– Hemp Plants
– Cannabis Flowers
– Cannabis Stem Material
РCannabis  Leaf Material
– Cannabis Edibles
– Hemp Foods